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Request for Bids

Notice is hereby given by the school board of ISD No. 659 that Northfield Public Schools will receive sealed bids from organizations to purchase district-owned iPads.

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Temporary School Board Resignation

Longtime board member Noel Stratmoen has submitted a letter stating that he is temporarily resigning his seat on the Northfield School District Board of Education due to health reasons. This update outlines the statute that governs the process for a temporary replacement and a preliminary timeline for appointing a board member to serve in Noel’s stead during his recovery.

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Weed Control and Spraying

Spraying for weed control will be done at building sites Oct. 19-Oct. 22, depending on weather conditions. Observe the posted signs and stay off of sprayed areas until they are dry.

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Notice For Bids

ISD No. 659, Northfield, MN will receive sealed bids on District Wide Security Camera Upgrade until 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

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