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Thank you for your interest in volunteering

Booster Club

The Northfield Booster Club is dedicated to the support and improvement of youth athletic programs in Northfield.

Supporting Girls & Boys Athletics

Parents and booster club members help make athletic events a success through volunteer support and membership contributions. Learn more about projects and volunteer opportunities in the brochure below.

Membership levels begin at $35 ($25 for senior citizens). Maroon and gold memberships include one and two athletic passes for the school year. To join the Northfield Booster Club, please print the brochure below and mail it, along with your contribution, to the indicated address.

2017-18 Booster Club Brochure »

Raider Walk Bricks

The Raider N outside of Memorial FieldShow your support for Raider athletes with the purchase of a personally engraved brick. Installed along the walk between the high school and the stadium, the bricks demonstrate Northfield’s high level of community support for athletics.

For $150, a brick can be engraved to honor someone important in your life, to commemorate a team, or to spotlight a coach or teacher you especially appreciate. It’s also a great way for families to celebrate the achievements of their sons and daughters. Print the pamphlet below or pick one up at the activities office.

Dedicate a Raider Brick »

Northfield Fine Arts Boosters

Northfield Public Schools has a long-standing history of excellence in the arts. For generations, students enrolled at Northfield High School have had the opportunity to engage in top-notch programs under the direction of extraordinary instructors. In addition, their showcase events have received tremendous support from their parents, peers and fellow community members.

The mission of the Northfield Fine Arts Boosters, founded in 2010, is to provide resources and promote community support for fine arts programs at Northfield Public Schools. Through the generous support of individuals and area businesses, the Fine Arts Boosters provide critical support to band, choir, orchestra, speech, music listening, theater, and visual arts programs in Northfield.

The Northfield Fine Arts Boosters exist to promote and support the fine arts programs in Northfield Public Schools. We invite you to learn more by attending one of our many events throughout the year. The arts are alive and well in Northfield, and your donation will continue to inspire and support students in their creative endeavors. Read our brochure »

  • Board Members

    2017-18 Board Members:

    Amy Allin, President
    Mike Paulsen, Treasurer
    Lizzy Lathrop, Secretary
    Jamie Reister
    Wendy Sivanich
    Carolyn Link
    Josie Rawson
    Myrna Mibus
    Tanya Legvold
    Krista Middlebrooks
    Anna O’Donnell
    Margaret Colangelo (school board liaison)
    Joel Leer (administration liaison)

  • Disbursements

    To date, the funds collected by the Fine Arts Boosters have been used to support a number of projects including:

    • Auditorium Lighting and Sound Upgrades;
    • Display cases in Art wing;
    • ELL theater production of Sueños Mexicanos and Sol y Sombras;
    • Supplemental Speech team coaches;
    • Stipends for musicians in West Side Story;
    • Concert and workshop by JazzMN;
    • Purchasing several new choir robes and band uniforms;
    • Providing scholarships for tour, festivals, summer lessons and music camps for students who could not otherwise participate;
    • Purchase, repair and maintenance of Band and Orchestra instruments;
    • Helping fund a visiting artist in Raku ceramics and firing;
    • Coordinating hundreds of volunteer hours for fine arts events.

    As we look to the future of the Fine Arts Boosters, we eagerly anticipate growing support for the arts and the thousands of project support opportunities that exist. We review funding requests on a regular basis and invite Northfield Public School arts organizations to fill out our NFAB Program Funding Request Form for support consideration.  Before submitting a grant request, consult your building principal to see if school district funds are available to cover your request.

  • Contribute

    A gift to the Northfield Fine Arts Boosters provides foundational support for students to pursue art endeavors of all types. From choir and orchestra to theater and ceramics, Northfield has a spirited group of talented young artists looking to grow their expertise and creative minds, and your gift will ensure they have the financial support to pursue their dreams.

    To donate to the Northfield Fine Arts Boosters, please print the donor form and mail it with your contribution to 1400 Division St. South, Northfield, MN 55057, or make a secure online donation through our page on GiveMN’s website.

    Our list of generous donors is updated periodically.

    Give Minnesota logo.Corporate and In-kind:
    Benjamin Bus, Inc.
    By All Means
    Carleton Golden Ticket Grant
    Patty Ciernia – Graphic Design
    Engage Printing
    Laura Geissler Violin Studio
    Gill Agricultural Consulting, Inc.
    Leota Goodney, CPA, PA
    The Sketchy Artist

    Diamond ($300+)
    In Memory of Helene Anglin
    Carl & Joan Behr
    John Benjamin
    Todd Byhre & Lindsay Byhre
    Ariel Butler
    Ken Drivdahl
    Rich & Gretchen Falck
    Wayne & Shannon Freundschuh
    Kerry Fry
    Terry Gruenhagen
    Deanna Haunsperger & Stephen Kennedy
    Kevin & Becky Johnson
    Steve Meyer & Kari Nelson
    Jason & Anne Molesky
    Derek & Rebecca Otten
    Michele Reese
    Ruth Smestad Anglin
    William & Wendy Wustenberg
    Paul Fried & Mary Beth Youngblut
    In Memory of Marge Youngblut

    Platinum ($200-$299)
    Wendell Arneson & Beth Christensen
    Rodney & Deborah Christensen
    Deb & Rick Erickson
    Bob & Cindy Gilbertson
    Steve & Mary Hahn
    Mary & Matt Hillmann
    Bryan & Andrea Hoff
    Brian & Pamela Hutton
    Ellen & Todd Iverson
    Catherine & Michael Kowalewski
    Alicia & Jeff Meland
    Steve Lawler & Joy Riggs
    Bram & Lori Middeldorp
    Northfield Class of ‘81
    Norman & Lori Oberto
    David & Christina Schwietz
    Liz & Bob Shepley
    Lori Williams & Max Nickel

    Gold ($100-$199)
    John Battiste & Susannah Ottaway
    Paul & Maribeth Beck
    David & Sarah Beimers
    Mark & Laura Berdahl
    Wayne Bollum
    Judy Broske
    Cheryl & Dave Buck
    Patty & Greg Closser
    Jan Burry & Rich Garcia
    Peter Carlson & Carolyn Link
    Brian Cloherty
    Cecilia Cornejo
    Joseph & Mary Crippen
    Kristi & Rob DeRop
    Robyn Dietz
    Dave Geist & Adrienne Falcon
    Kevin & Peggy Fink
    In celebration of Laura & Allison Gates
    Laura Goering & Gregory Smith
    Amy & Richard Goerwitz
    Tom & Denise Graupmann
    Deonne & Charles Gray
    Marshall & Carla Hansen
    Dan Hofrenning & Nancy Brown
    Bruce King
    Marcine King
    Greg & Angie Kleese
    Scott & Hope Langston
    Claire Larson
    Elizabeth Lathrop & David Lefkowitz
    Jeanne Leslie
    Eric & Cindy Lundin
    Timothy & Jill Mahr
    Kathleen Mandy
    Rachel Matney
    Tim & Lisa McDermott
    Kent & Renata McWilliams
    Teresa & Douglas Morris
    Gregory Muth & Janet Lewis-Muth
    Tracy & Jackie Nelson
    Elaine & Scott Nesbit
    William North & Victoria Morse
    Ray & Cathy Ordner
    Paul & Melissa Ousley
    Bob & Amy Pfefferle
    Jill & Brian Ponder
    David Reitz
    Peter Webb & Karen Saxe
    Andrei & Wendy Sivanich
    Jim & Marnie Thompson
    Wendy Smith & David Drentlaw
    Stan & Jan Stevens
    Jesse Streitz & Laurie Williams
    Mary Williams

    Silver ($75-$99)
    Kevin & Amy Allin
    Bo & Mari Aylin
    Mark & Alice Carson
    Christie A. Clarke
    Cameron & Karen Davidson
    Bob & Joyce Gill
    Tim & Marilyn Hanson
    Anne Maple & Scott Carpenter
    Daniel & Juliana Sayner

    Bronze ($50-$74)
    Steven & Jane Amundson
    Marin Amundson-Graham
    Helene Anglin memorial
    John & Elizabeth Bade
    Baggot Family
    Ryan & Libby Behrens
    Chris Brunelle & Serena Zabin
    Jon & Grace Buck
    Susan Canon & Mike Bull
    Mary S. Drew
    Thomas & Megan Durkin
    Joseph & Beth Endert
    David & Trenne Fields
    Raymond & Rebecca Gainey
    Sam & Curwin Gett
    Shell Goar
    Tammy & Charles Hayes
    Rich & Teena Keiser
    Jennifer Koenig memorial
    Jeff & Cindy Kreis
    Amy & Gary Larsen
    Michael & Margaret Ludwig
    Pamela & Daniel Martin
    Mike O’Donnell & Cindy Michaelson
    Rick & Aggie Pavek
    Mary Quick
    Dr. Chris & Joyce Richardson
    Kerry & Judy Running
    Steve & Mary Schier
    Robert & Cora Scholz
    Susan & Gary Singer
    Michael & Nancy Sparby
    Noel & Lois Stratmoen
    Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
    Alice & Bruce Thomas
    Chris & Deanne Weber
    Jeanne Willcoxon
    Zweifel Family

    Copper ($1-$49)
    Anton E. Armstrong, DMA
    Ann G. Artley
    Joel & Melissa Beithon
    Marlene M. Boggs
    Evelyn M. Burry
    Paul & Janna Carlson-Donohoe
    Karen Cherewatuk
    Kari Christensen
    Bob & Suzanna Ciernia
    Jake Conway
    Ann Etter
    Ben & Jill Fisher
    Robert J. Gilbertson
    Jeff Gunn
    Deborah Hadas & Robert Hanson
    Peter Hark & Mary Jo Cristofaro-Hark
    Elvin & Corrine Heiberg
    Laurie Henrickson
    Penelope D. Hillemann
    Kris & Margaret Huber
    Marcia Jacobs
    Karla S. Jurgemeyer
    Daniel & Christine Kallman
    Nancy Kmoch
    Dave & Heather Kuehl
    Gary & Rosemarie Lewis
    Barbara Lundergan
    Patrick & Jean Mahowald
    Lisa Mattson-Halvorson
    Natalie & Greg Marfleet
    Catherine McBride
    Owen & Myrna Mibus
    Karl & Cindy Molenaar
    Sara Nielsen
    Gordon & Betty Olson
    Connie O’Meara
    Myron & Deborah Pauly
    Don & Bonnie Pavek
    Randy & Heidi Muller Peterson
    Brad & Kay Pfahning
    Darlene Pfahning
    Ramsay Family
    April Ripka
    Roback Family
    David & Sue Rod
    Elizbeth Rowley
    Peter & Donna Rae Scheffert
    Marcia Simon
    Matt & Linda Stenzel
    Janet A. Stevens
    Sarah & Eric Swan McDonald
    Adolf & Helen Walser
    Deborah & Jon Walser-Kuntz
    Mona & Lael Weselmann
    Kathy Wiertsema-Miller & Lowell Miller
    Bob Will
    Peg Witt & Pete Shuster
    Sari & Mark Zach

  • Roger Jenni Instruments For All Memorial Fund

    The Northfield Fine Arts Boosters (NFAB) have renamed the organization’s “Instruments For All” program in memory of longtime Northfield elementary band director Roger Jenni.

    The program, which aims to put an instrument into the hands of every Northfield Public Schools student who
    wants to participate in the band or orchestra program, is now known as the “Roger Jenni Instruments For All Memorial Fund.”

    NFAB made the announcement at the Northfield High School 2015 spring band concert, before the performance of “Hymn and Celebration,” which was composed by St. Olaf Music Professor and NFAB board member Tim Mahr. The Concert Band’s performance of the song was dedicated to Jenni, who launched the band career of most of the students in the auditorium.

    Jenni passed away unexpectedly in February 2015, several months after he had retired. He had taught fifth-grade band in Northfield for nearly 40 years and was a true champion of music in Northfield Public Schools, known for his enthusiasm for band and for students.

    The Northfield Fine Arts Boosters believe Roger Jenni not only supported the “Instruments For All” mission but also lived it every day that he came to work. We are committed to continuing his legacy in making sure every child in the Northfield schools who wants to play an instrument is able to do so. We invite parents, former students and community members to continue to nourish this fund in Jenni’s memory.

    The Fine Arts Boosters started the “Instruments For All” program three years ago with the help of a grant from the Northfield Area Foundation. The fund, which is separate from the general Fine Arts Boosters money, provides for the purchase of used instruments, the repair of donated instruments, and the purchase of supplies for students who use donated instruments. It also provides scholarships for music lessons.

    To donate money to the “Roger Jenni Instruments For All Memorial Fund,” you can write a check to Northfield Fine Arts Boosters, with IFA in the memo line, and mail it to Northfield Fine Arts Boosters, 1400 Division St. South, Northfield, MN 55057. You can also donate securely online, at GiveMN:

    The Fine Arts Boosters also accept donations of new or used instruments. Bring string instruments to the middle school office and band instruments to the Bridgewater Elementary School office. Leave your name and mailing address, and NFAB will mail you a receipt with your reward

  • Contact Us

    For more information about supporting the Northfield Fine Arts Boosters, please email

    Northfield Fine Arts Boosters
    Northfield High School
    1400 Division Street South
    Northfield, MN 55057