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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Tech Access


Students and parents have access to documents, assignments, and updates from teachers, advisors, and administrators through the Schoology app.

Schoology Parent Guide

Family Access to Student Information

The Family Access student administrative system involves parents in the education process and allows the district to provide information as soon as it becomes available. Parents can view their student’s attendance with a convenient calendar, access a detailed class schedule, and look at food purchases and balances online. Parents can also view quarter-end grades for elementary students and week-to-week grade book information with test, assignment, and quiz scores for their middle and high school students.

Skylert School Messenger System uses the information you have in Family Access for emergency communications and meal account notices. Look in the bottom panel below for more information on Skylert.



    Using login and password codes protects your family’s privacy. To apply for this online service, choose the Apply Now button below and fill out the information requested on the form. Within five business days, a login name and password will be assigned to you (each parent has their own Family Access account) and sent to the email address you indicated on the form. You will then be able to choose the Login button.

    Apply Now-English

    Apply Now-Spanish


    If you have forgotten your login name or password, choose the Apply Now button to have your login name and password re-sent to you.


    To change your Family Access password:

    1. Log into Family Access with your current login name and password
    2. Click on Account Info in the upper right hand corner of the screen
    3. Enter your current password, then your new password, and finally the new password again for confirmation
    4. Then click Save in the upper right hand corner

    For help with Family Access, contact Chris Neset.


    Northfield Public Schools utilizes this communication system for general announcements, meal account updates, and emergency messages. Skylert/School Messenger System uses the information you have in Family Access for these communications. View our guide for registering and configuring Skylert in English / Spanish.

Tech Support

Each school utilizes different technologies for students depending on coursework and grade level. If you are experiencing any issues with district-assigned devices, please contact your student’s school for assistance.