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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Students in Class at Greenvale Elementary


Get to Know the District and School Student Policies

The handbooks contain important information regarding district, school and program policies and practices. The district asks that parents review each handbook that applies to their family’s participation in the district and discuss the material with their students. School handbooks and the Student Citizenship Handbook will be provided to students or families in either electronic or printed form, for digital form we use PDF documents and there are software such as Soda PDF which can help students open and edit this type of documents. Please contact your school office to request a copy of a school handbook, and the district office to request a copy of the Student Citizenship Handbook.


District Handbook

A policy guide for student management in instructional and co-curricular activities in Northfield Public Schools.

Student Citizenship Handbook 2022-23 – English
Student Citizenship Handbook 2022-23 – Spanish

School Building Handbooks

Learn what rules and behaviors are expected at each school within the district.

Program Handbooks

Learn what is expected of students who participate in school activities or programs of the district.