The Compañeros program is offered at all three elementary schools (Bridgewater, Greenvale Park and Spring Creek) in grades 1–5. It is a two-way immersion program where students learn to speak, read, write and listen in English and Spanish. Students in Compañeros spend half of their day receiving instruction in English and half their day receiving instruction in Spanish. In both Compañeros and Contemporary (traditional classroom setting) classrooms, teachers may incorporate two or three subjects into one lesson to complete integrated projects and activities. Compañeros and Contemporary teachers may collaborate during reading and math to meet the instructional needs of the students during a flexible group time.

About Compañeros

Type of Immersion Program

  • Two-way bilingual program in English and Spanish
  • Reading, writing and speaking are taught in English and Spanish

Program Sites


  • 50% of instruction is in English, including literacy
  • 50% of instruction is in Spanish, including literacy and math
  • Specials (Art, Media, Music, Physical Education) are in English
  • One classroom at each grade level in grades 1–5 is Compañeros

Entrance Criteria

  • Parent/Family choice
  • Literacy evaluation after grade 1
  • A lottery may be necessary to ensure a balance of native English and native Spanish speakers; as a result, some requests may not be honored

Frequently Asked Questions about the Compañeros Program  (English)
Frequently Asked Questions About the  Compañeros Program  (Spanish)