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Students Looking Through Microscopes

Current K–12 Curriculum

Elementary, Middle and High School Curriculum Outlines

Northfield Public Schools is committed to delivering educational excellence that empowers all learners to engage in our dynamic world. Below are documents outlining the full curriculum at each grade level in the district.

Curriculum Review Process

Each content area is systematically reviewed according to our Curriculum Review Cycle and aligned with the Minnesota Department of Education standards review cycle.

During the review year, immediately following the Minnesota Department of Education review, teachers of the content area meet to do a formal review of standards placement and assessments of the standards. A process to evaluate the success and effectiveness of student achievement is developed and implemented. The results of this evaluation are reviewed every year.

Curriculum Review Cycle

PLC Curriculum Review

Every year, teachers study trends, issues and research in their content areas through the Professional Learning Communities (PLC). As part of the PLC process, teachers analyze data from state, district, and classroom assessments. Formative and summative assessments are reviewed and updated to meet current needs. Discussions center on best practices for the content area. If there are gaps in student learning and achievement, new practices, staff development or new curriculum materials are implemented.