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Getting Our Students to School Safely

Student buses within the district are owned and operated by Benjamin Bus, a local transportation company. Their brochure below outlines details about bus rules, parent responsibilities, behavior expectations, and frequently asked questions.

Transportation Brochure

School and District Boundaries

If you are unsure which school attendance area you live in, the city boundary map or rural boundary map will assist you in determining your school attendance area. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) generates and publishes maps that show school district boundaries.

Registering to Ride the Bus

Students must be listed on a bus route in order to ride the bus and may only ride to and from their assigned bus stop. If you are new to the district, please fill out the bus registration form that is included with district enrollment forms. During the school year, current students may also be added to their bus route using the registration form.

To sign up each successive year, watch for annual update forms to be sent home with students in May.

Annual Bus Route Updates

Bus update forms are sent home with students in May. Parents are asked to verify address and emergency contact information and return the forms to school by early June. This allows for efficient route planning for the next school year. Bus information post cards are mailed out in August.

Transportation Boundaries

Transportation boundaries and policies vary between elementary and older students.

Elementary Students (Grades K–5)

Students in kindergarten through grade 5 attend the school in the attendance area where their home is located, and school bus transportation is available for those who live beyond the transportation boundary, approximately 0.75 miles. District policy allows for transportation to and from a daycare location, but the daycare provider must be within the attendance area of the school the child attends.

Middle and High School Students (Grades 6–12)

The transportation boundary for students in grades 6–12 is approximately one mile from school property.