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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Currently Serving Members of the School Board

The following individuals are currently serving on the School Board for Northfield Public Schools:

Claudia Gonzalez-George, Chair
Term Expires 12/2024

Amy Goerwitz, Clerk
Term Expires 12/2024

Jeff Quinnell, Treasurer
Term Expires 12/2026





Robert Coleman

Robert Coleman
Term expires 12/2024 or until Noel Stratmoen resumes his duties, whichever date is earliest.

Jenny Nelson

Jenny Nelson
Term Expires 12/2026

Ben Miller

Ben Miller
Term Expires 12/2026

Corey Butler

Corey Butler, Vice-Chair
Term Expires 12/2024



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School Board Elections

District voters elect, at large, seven residents who are United States citizens, at least 21 years of age upon taking office and not registered as a convicted sex offender. School Board members are elected to four-year terms on the November general election day in even-numbered years. Four members are up for election one year and the other three are up for election two years later.

Election Financial Reports

Northfield Public Schools is required to publish financial reports by any organized campaign committee or candidate. These reports will be available on the school district website for four years. M.S. 211A.02, Subd. 6.

2022 Capital Projects Levy
Citizens for Quality Education 10.01.22-10.13.22
Citizens for Quality Education 10.14.22-11.02.22
Citizens for Quality Education 11.03.22-11.10.22
Citizens for Quality Education 12.08.22-12.31.22
Citizens for Quality Education Certification of Filing

2018 Bond Election
Citizens for Quality Education 09.01.18-09.24.18
Citizens for Quality Education 09.25.18-10.28.18
Citizens for Quality Education 10.29.18-11.14.18
Citizens for Quality Education Certification of Filing

Northfield Education Association 10.01.18-10.30.18

Association for Government Accountability 10.15.2018
Association for Government Accountability 03.11.2019

2017 Bond/Levy Election
Citizens for Quality Education 8.1.17-8.8.17
Citizens for Quality Education 8.9.17-9.11.17
Citizens for Quality Education 9.12.17-10.12.17
Citizens for Quality Education 10.13.17-10.23.17
Citizens for Quality Education 10.24.17-11.2.17
Citizens for Quality Education 11.3.17-11.16.17
Citizens for Quality Education Certification of Filing

Association for Government Accountability 9.1.17-9.22.17
Association for Government Accountability 9.23.17-10.29.17
Association for Government Accountability Certification of Filing

2022 School Board Candidates
Robert Coleman, Tom Baraniak, Ben Miller, Jenny Nelson, Jeff Quinnell, Ricky Livingston

2020 School Board Candidates
Noel Stratmoen, Amy Goerwitz, Robert Coleman, Claudia Gonzalez-George, Corey Butler, Eric Lundin, Karen Jensen, Justin Merritt

2018 School Board Candidates
Tom Baraniak, Julie Pritchard, Jeff Quinnell

2016 School Board Candidates
Tom BaraniakFritz Bogott, Amy GoerwitzRob HardyEllen IversonNoel Stratmoen

2014 School Board Candidates
Fritz BogottMargaret ColangeloJulie PritchardJeff Quinnell