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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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About Us

Delivering educational excellence that empowers all learners to participate in our dynamic world.

Northfield Public Schools is a southeastern Minnesota school district serving families in Northfield and surrounding areas. Though diverse in population, the town of Northfield values education for all learners from pre-K through adulthood. The district features many schools for youth including three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, an alternative high school and sponsors several charter schools. Community education is offered through Community Services and includes early childhood education, adult basic education and programs for adults with disabilities.


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Our Commitment

Northfield Public Schools’ K–12 schools offer a high quality, well-rounded education that strives to meet the specific needs of each student and prepare graduates for lifelong success.


Matt Hillmann

Our Leadership

Northfield Public Schools is led by Superintendent Matt Hillmann. Follow him on Twitter or read his blog for updates on the leadership of Northfield Public Schools.

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Our Vision

We prepare every student for lifelong success by developing critical thinkers who are curious and ready to engage in our society.

Strategic Plan


Northfield Public Schools Strategic Commitments

Northfield Public Schools prioritizes the following six strategic commitments:




We prioritize the engagement, satisfaction, and support of every student, staff member, and family.

learner outcomes


We prepare every student to be academically and socially ready to choose their preferred pathway after high school graduation.



We ensure that every child has a fair opportunity to reach their full potential.



We communicate effectively and transparently with all stakeholders.



We responsibly manage our personnel, finances, property, time and environmental impact.



We seek community partnerships that accelerate student achievement of district benchmarks.



Commitment to Staff Development

Our dedicated team members are committed to learning from one another. All schools in the district utilize the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model, a staff development process rooted in research and best practice.

PLCs include teams of staff members who share the same content and/or students. On a weekly basis, teams gather to:

  • Work collaboratively to analyze student data
  • Promptly identify student needs
  • Determine and implement best practice strategies
  • Evaluate the impact their teaching has on student learning
  • Make changes in their practice to ensure needs of all students are met

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