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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Enrolling Students in K–12 Schools in the District

Thank you for choosing Northfield Public Schools! Several forms are required for new student enrollment. If you have a kindergarten student to enroll or are new to the district, please read the information outlined in the New Student Process below. Other enrollment-related forms, such as intradistrict transfer, homeschool and open enrollment/nonresident agreement are also located below. Questions? Please contact the district office at 507.645.3445.

Our Schools

Enrolling a Student

Families may request an enrollment packet for each student or print the forms below. Call the district office at 507.645.3445 or email Chris Neset to have them mailed to you. Submit completed forms to: Northfield Public Schools, District Office –  Enrollment, 1400 Division Street S, Northfield, MN 55057

Immunization Requirements

State law requires that students in all grades must have documentation for required vaccines. Students entering kindergarten and 7th grade will need to update their immunizations and will be excluded from school if not in compliance. Children enrolled or enrolling in child care or early childhood programs (that meet at least once a week for at least six weeks during the year) must also provide proof of immunizations or have a legal exemption. Medical and conscientious exemptions are allowed under the law.

The student and early childhood immunization forms are located in the Required Forms section above. Record your child’s immunizations or exemptions on this form. For more information, contact Health Services staff.

Below is a chart showing required immunizations for children in Minnesota:
Minnesota’s School Immunization Law / Ley de Vacunación Escolar de Minnesota

Other Enrollment Forms

If you want to transfer to a district elementary school outside of your attendance area; if you would like to begin or continue to homeschool your student; or if you would like your student to attend or continue attending a school in a district in which you do not live, you may need to use a form in one of the panels below.

  • IntraDistrict Transfer

    Intradistrict Transfer Request Form

    English / Spanish

  • Homeschool
    • Homeschool Full Report – This form is to be printed, filled out and mailed, or submitted electronically, to Chris Neset, Student Information System Specialist, by October 1 of each year or within 15 days of withdrawing a child from public school to homeschool.  For additional help click on Contact List for 2018-19.
    • Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling – This form is to be printed, filled out and mailed, or submitted electronically, to Chris Neset, Student Information System Specialist, by October 1 of each year after the instructor has provided the district with a Full Report.

    Additional forms and information:

    Visit the state’s website for more homeschool information.

    Visit Northfield Public School’s website for Policy 611 and Procedures regarding homeschooling.

  • Open Enrollment/Nonresident Agreement

    Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, Northfield Public Schools will no longer approve nonresident agreements after February 28 of each year. The lone exception is for a student already enrolled in the district who needs a nonresident agreement to complete the school year because their family has moved outside of district boundaries.

    If you have just moved into the Northfield school district but would prefer your child to continue to attend the school in your old school district, or if you do not live in the Northfield school district and would like your child to attend the Northfield school district, you will need to complete a Nonresident Agreement Form and an Open Enrollment Form.

    Minnesota’s Open Enrollment Program allows families to apply to send their student to any public school district in Minnesota.

    Open enrollment is the process by which you apply for enrollment in a district other than the district in which you reside. It is similar to a Nonresident Agreement, except there are state-mandated time frames and guidelines. Students must apply to the school district of their choice by January 15 for attendance the following fall. If requested, the school district will provide information regarding transportation from a bus stop within the school district boundaries. (Minn. Stat. 123B, Subd. 6; Minn. Stat. 124D.03, Subd. 8.)

    For those families who decide after January 15 to enroll their student in another school district, a Nonresident Agreement form needs to be completed. The Nonresident Agreement needs to be approved first by the district in which you live and then by the district in which you would like your child to attend. This agreement is valid only for the current school year.

    If you have further questions, please email Chris Neset or call 507.645.3445.

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