Children thrive in learning environments that are suited to their unique strengths and abilities. We believe Northfield Public Schools families should have access to high quality public charter schools within the district boundaries. Supporting public school choice is a priority for Northfield Public Schools, which is why we are proud to serve as the official authorizer for two outstanding charter schools: Arcadia Charter School and Prairie Creek Community School.

Our Beliefs

Public Education

We believe that public education is the foundation of our democratic republic. Charter schools are an important part of our public education system.


We believe that everyone can learn and has unique gifts and talents that must be nurtured and valued. We believe that learning is a lifelong, multi-faceted process that involves more than academics. We recognize that students learn in different ways and that a charter school environment may better fit their individual needs than a traditional public school system.

Shared Responsibility

We believe that education is the collective responsibility of our students, families, schools and communities. As a school district, we are open to sharing that collective responsibility with other high quality public education organizations.

Learning Environment

We believe that everyone in our schools has the right to a positive learning environment that provides physical, emotional and intellectual safety, and nurtures mutual respect, responsibility and rigor. We understand that environment may be at one of our own excellent public schools or at an excellent charter school within our district boundaries.