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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

Por favor, elija traducir el sitio al español o visite esta página para obtener más recursos en español.

Attention :

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Center Basics

Anna Kelly, GVP media center assistant

Online Catalog

SEarch Follett Destiny

To log in to Destiny
username: lunch code
password: lunch code


  • Tumblebooks
  • Unite for Literacy
  • Audible listen for free
  • Destiny Click Public Lists in the middle of the page. Select a book. Tap Open. Username: lunch code, password: lunch code
  • Mackin school: Greenvale, username: greenvale, password: geckos
  • Capstone username: continue, password: reading


Open eBooks



Resources for Learning

World Book Online username: wbaccess, password: freeaccess

Facts4me.comusername: gvp, password: gvp

username: greenvale, password: geckos

Kids InfoBits