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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Support Services

The Northfield School District Office And Area Learning Center aspires to provide support for our students and their families. Some of the more common areas of support include:

  • School Nurse – Maimouna Toure-Keita, Licensed School Nurse | 507.645.1205 | Visit the Health Services pages.
  • School Psychologist – Tamara Dye 507.645.1201
  • Social Worker – Jenn Toth 507.645.1247
  • Recovery Specialist – Ashley Gardner 507.645.1201

Life After High School...

What’s your plan? What career path do you have in mind? Is more school in your future? It’s never too early or too late to plan for life after high school. If you are considering going on for more education, entering the work force, or enlisting in the armed services, it is important to plan ahead. The information found on this page will help you and your family make the most of high school while keeping your sights set on your personal and professional goals.


Here are a few tips… 

Planning for the future is a big step for students. Students are in the driver’s seat and parents help navigate! Families are a great source of support and guidance.

Students and families need to be on the same page. Talk about your goals with your family. Parents – share with your child your thoughts, hopes and concerns.

Don’t let the process control your life. Approach this time in your life with optimism. Focus on all of your options.

Find the program that fits for you. No plan is perfect for every student. The program you choose should fit your interests, career goals and “attitude.”

Take advantage of all of your resources. Talk to parents, friends, relatives, counselors, teachers, neighbors, family friends, your friends’ parents and relatives, and the guy at the grocery store.

There is no such thing as too much information! Learn to ask a lot of questions.

Do your homework! Take your time and strategize. Organize your search and get a game plan.

Work hard and stay focused!


High School TORCH

Just because the student attends the ALC does not mean the student can not access the High School TORCH staff.  The TORCH office is an excellent resource and the ALC often tags along on college visits, Accuplacer testing, and other college related events.