Every school has programs in place to support students who need extra help with their learning.  A multi-tiered system of supports in academics relies on multiple tiers of instruction that work together as a safety net to prevent school failure.  The features of our school-wide framework include assessments, evidence-based quality instruction, core (Tier 1) instruction, and supplemental interventions (Tier 2 and 3) with data-based decisions (data from the Minnesota Department of Education).

Response to Intervention (K-5)

Response to Intervention (RtI) is a multi-level framework that integrates instruction, assessment and intervention within a school-wide prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems.  Through school-wide screening, students who need a targeted or intensive approach to learning are identified.  Interventions are implemented, progress is monitored and data-based decision making occurs to determine the next steps for each student.

Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS)

Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instruction Services (ADSIS) are offered to students at the elementary schools in reading and at the middle and high schools in both reading and math.  Teachers provide supplemental instruction in those areas for students who meet the criteria for ADSIS support.  For more information, contact the specific school.