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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Helping all students reach their full potential

Greenvale Park Elementary offers a learning environment that empowers students and builds a foundation for success. Every day we aspire to:

  • Maintain a community that values and promotes each child’s interests to ensure intellectual curiosity.
  • Encourage a learning environment that upholds the value of respect at all times.
  • Motivate students in a safe environment that inspires them to be contributing members of our society.

Our curriculum is both rigorous and engaging, incorporating a full range of techniques and technologies.

Learning Programs

All kindergarten students enroll in the Contemporary program, a traditional classroom setting where students learn in English.

There are two programs available for students in grades 1–5, Contemporary and Compañeros. The Compañeros program is an immersion program where students’ learning is split evenly between English and Spanish.

Compañeros Overview

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention is a multi-level framework that integrates instruction, assessment and intervention within a school-wide prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems.

Through school-wide screening, students who need a targeted or intensive approach to learning are identified. Interventions are implemented, progress is monitored and data-based decision making occurs to determine the next steps for each student.

For information on special education programming, please visit the Special Services department.

Testing & Assessment

Northfield Public Schools will use standardized assessments and other testing to measure student growth, identify student needs, inform parents, guide curriculum, and communicate district performance.

School Improvement

Guided by the district’s strategic plan and the annual goals of the district’s advisory committee, each of our schools and programs develops an annual Site Improvement Plan (SIP). The plan includes school-wide student achievement goals, school climate goals and action plans to support the achievement of each of those goals.

Media Center

The Greenvale Park media center provides a list of online resources for your student while they are at school, and these resources might also be helpful for families while at home.

Greenvale Programs

  • Character Education

    Character education teaches a child to care for one’s self and to care for others.

    Our climate committee has developed a list of character traits, determined by what our staff and parents feel are the relevant student needs. We use survey data to determine the needs. Currently, they are:

    1. Respect
    2. Cooperation
    3. Assertion
    4. Responsibility
    5. Empathy
    6. Perseverance
    7. Honesty
    8. Forgiveness
    9. Self-control