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The Superintendent’s Blog

Read #nfldlead for information from the Northfield Public Schools District leader and Superintendent Matt Hillmann.

Referendum 2017: Educational Impact of Bond Proposals

When discussing the bond projects on the November 7th ballot, we often get caught up in the specifics of financial and construction components. As a result, we don't talk enough about the educational impacts the bond projects can have on student learning. When we do discuss it, we highlight the need for "21st-century learning environments" or "flexible and collaborative spaces."  These terms can be challenging outside of education to understand.

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Referendum 2017: New High School vs. Renovation

One of the questions asked by a few community members is about Northfield High School and the School Board’s decision to seek approval to build a new facility rather than renovating the current building. This post articulates the thoughtful consideration of the high school portion of the bond proposal before voters on November 7th, 2017.

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Referendum 2017: Early Learning

Northfield Public Schools teachers, staff, and volunteers work tirelessly to help every student develop the skills needed to achieve their dreams. In order to address this issue, we must also ensure there is an opportunity for high-quality preschool experience for every parent who wants it for their child. This post focuses on the economic impact of early learning programs, one area where Northfield Public Schools experiences significant space shortages.

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Referendum 2017: High School

This is the first post in a series regarding the District's November 7 operating levy and bond referendum election. It includes a guest post by Director of Buildings and Grounds Jim Kulseth regarding the needs at Northfield High School.

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State of the District 2017

Each year I present the "State of the District: Celebrations and Challenges" to the Board of Education. It outlines some -- but not all -- of the things we were proud of during the previous school year and highlights some of the issues or projects we plan to tackle during the upcoming (current) school year.

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The start…

The 2017-18 school year begins tomorrow (Tuesday) and I could not be more excited! The beginning of the school year brings hope in people: students, parents, and school staff.

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