On April 23, 2019, the Minnesota Department of Education released statewide four-year graduation results for the class of 2018. On several key indicators, Northfield Public Schools performed very, very well:

  • Northfield High School: 96% overall graduation rate (compared to 83% statewide)
  • Northfield High School: 93% graduation rate for Hispanic students (compared to 67% statewide)
  • Northfield High School: 89% graduation rate for English Learners (compared to 66% statewide)
  • Northfield High School: 91% graduation rate for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch (compared to 70% statewide)
  • Northfield Area Learning Center: 65% overall graduation rate (increased from 42% in 2017)
  • Northfield Area Learning Center: 68% graduation rate for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch (increased from 25% in 2017)

Graduation rate data gives credit to our high schools but we know that it takes everyone to get this kind of success. Of course, our goal is a 100% graduation rate but we need to work with students and their individual circumstances. I am thrilled with the 18 students who decided to continue their education despite the fact they should have graduated in 2018. When we look at Northfield High School’s six-year graduation numbers, the rate rises to 98%. Sometimes students need a little more time, due to a disability or some other life event that prevents them from completing high school in four years. As a community, we don’t give up on kids and they know it.

I am grateful for our students and their hard work. I am grateful for our teachers and other support staff members who provide world-class service for our students each day. Finally, thank you to our Northfield community for supporting our educational efforts in nearly every way imaginable.

» Learn more about Northfield Senior High’s graduation by using the interactive Minnesota Report Card. Learn more about the Northfield Area Learning Center here.