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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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COVID-19 testing is available for students and staff at the Northfield School District Office.
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You can also request a COVID-19 rapid antigen test for your student from your school’s office.

Strategic Plan

Outlining Our Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Strategies and Priorities

Our strategic plan, adopted in October 2016, is comprised of our vision, mission, beliefs, strategies, and priorities. The strategic plan was developed with the help of 186 participants who provided input to the Northfield Board of Education in August and September 2016.

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Our Vision

We will prepare every student for lifelong success within a world-class learning environment with a commitment to community partnerships and sustainability.

Our Mission

The mission of Northfield Public Schools is to deliver educational excellence that empowers all learners to engage in our dynamic world.


Public Education

We believe that public education is the foundation of our democratic republic.


We believe that everyone can learn and has unique gifts and talents that must be nurtured and valued. We believe that learning is a lifelong, multi-faceted process that involves more than academics.

Shared Responsibility

We believe that education is the collective responsibility of our students, families, schools and communities.

Learning Environment

We believe that everyone in our schools has the right to a positive learning environment that provides physical, emotional and intellectual safety, and nurtures mutual respect, responsibility and rigor.


We believe decisions must be based on the district’s mission and beliefs and relevant sources of information. We believe in an open decision-making process that invites honest dialogue.


We believe that all learners have a right to equitable access to educational opportunities.


Quality Education

We will hire and retain highly qualified educators and provide them with ongoing support and training to deliver high quality instruction that meets the unique needs of all learners.


We will consistently demonstrate good stewardship by analyzing information, prioritizing needs and managing our financial, physical and human resources to support our mission.


We will create and strengthen an environment that fosters mutual respect, responsibility and rigor, and ensures the right to physical, emotional and intellectual safety for every person.


We will build and strengthen bridges of open communication that engage staff, students, families and communities as effective partners in education.

Curricular Outcomes

We will implement a consistent, comprehensive and challenging set of curricular outcomes that reach and engage all learners.


We will implement plans and practices that foster full participation by all learners and that address issues that include, but are not limited to, race, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, language, disabilities and socio-economic factors.



  • Prioritize recruiting and retaining diverse staff.
  • Robust core subject instruction.


  • Building and fostering relationships – commitment to social/emotional health for all.
  • Develop a long-term solution that allows for reasonable class sizes while maintaining financial stability.
  • Spaces that are modern, innovative, creative and flexible.
  • Equitable opportunities and support for all career and college paths.