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Academic integrity and eligibility standards

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High School 9-12

All students are expected to:

  • Engage with honesty and integrity in their academic life.
  • Attend NHS ready to learn and in their learning demonstrate the ability to discern right from wrong.
  • Know which academic behaviors are acceptable and which are dishonest.
  • Produce work that is their own or give credit when the work is not their own.

All parents/guardians are expected to:

  • Adopt the spirit as well as the letter of this academic integrity policy.
  • Review the policy with their child and encourage their child to practice ethical behavior.
  • Refrain from completing assignments for their child.

All teachers are expected to:

  • Review the academic integrity policy with students as often during the school year as appropriate.
  • Teach the skills necessary to prevent a violation of academic integrity.
  • Enforce the policy in all instances of academic dishonesty following the procedures below.

All administrators are expected to:

  • Support the spirit of the academic honesty policy with students, parents/guardians, and staff members in conferences and in classrooms.
  • Follow the student disciplinary process as outlined in the academic honesty policy.

Incidents of academic dishonesty will be cumulative for 4 years. The procedures whereby a student will be held accountable for infractions of the academic honesty policy are as follows:

Incident 1:

  1. The teacher will address the student with evidence when the infraction occurs and notify parents/guardians.
  2. The student can receive a zero on the assignment, but may arrange a time to meet with the teacher and set up an opportunity to re-do the assignment with supervision.

Incident 2:

  1. All of the disciplinary action of the first offense will occur.
  2. The student will receive an automatic zero on the assignment or test and no make-up work will be offered to compensate for lost points.

The teacher will file an incident referral form with the Assistant Principal, who will conference with the student and notify parents/guardians.

To review academic eligibility for student activities, refer to the Co-Curricular Handbook.

Last modified:  June 16, 2023