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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Elementary K-5

Students should be discouraged from bringing cell phones or other expensive technological equipment/games to school for lack of secure locations to store them during the school day. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen phones or other electronic devices brought from home.

We recognize that cell phones/electronic devices are common tools for communication with many families. Our goal is to help students maintain a focus on learning. Please know that most elementary students have no need to carry a cell phone or a hand-held electronic device to school and these devices are vulnerable to theft. We are committed to using technology as an accelerant for student learning and provide the appropriate tools for our students in their classrooms.

Students who do need to carry a cell phone or a hand-held electronic device to school must have them turned off and stored out of sight during school hours. These devices may not be used to talk, take pictures, play games, record or text during school hours, including recess.

Middle School 6-8

Cell phones are not permitted in classrooms, during transition times, or in the lunchroom between 7:45 am and 2:51 pm. If there is a need for a student to have a cell phone at school, staff should not hear it or see it. It should be put in a locker during the day. If any staff member sees a phone out in classrooms, during transition times, or in the lunchroom, it will be labeled and taken to the office. The phone can be picked up after 2:51 pm. Additionally, video recording students or staff without their consent is prohibited at Northfield Middle School.

High School 9-12

We recognize that cell phones have become an integral and necessary part of our school, community, and society. We also recognize that cell phones can become a significant distraction to our learning environment and students’ ability to concentrate on instruction. Students are expected to be respectful in the use of their cell phones so as not to distract from the learning environment. If cell phone use becomes a distraction, teaching and administrative staff are authorized and directed to address the issue with the student. Consequences can include, but are not limited to, teacher conference, administrative conference, and/or a potential confiscation of the device for the remainder of the class period or school day.

Last modified:  June 20, 2023