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Elementary K-5

Student wellness is to be considered for all foods provided to students during the school day, including classroom-wide celebrations, parties and snacks. Making those special events and the food that accompanies them as nutritious as possible is important in making sure children get the nutrients they need to grow, play hard and be healthy. The district’s wellness policy encourages non-food treats whenever possible. Some options could be stickers, pencils, a classroom book, board game, or DVD donated in your student’s name. For healthy celebration suggestions please visit the Wellness tab located under the Child Nutrition Department website.

Treats prepared at home are not to be brought to school. The State Health Department requires that food which is served in a food establishment, as defined in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 157, shall be obtained from sources which are approved and inspected by either the federal, state, or local regulatory authority. As a result, we are unable to allow the distribution and service of food items including “treats” which are prepared in individual homes. This requirement would not, however, apply to the distribution of commercially prepared, packaged, or individually wrapped food items. However, commercially prepared, packaged, or individually wrapped food items are required to meet the Federal “Smart Snack” guidelines. These guidelines are available on our Child Nutrition Department website.

Last modified:  June 21, 2023