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All Students K-12

Special supportive services are provided to teachers, parents/guardians, and students whenever needed to help a child educationally. Supportive services are provided by the school nurse and the special education department, which consists of speech therapists, an occupational/ physical therapist, a psychologist, resource teachers for the learning disabled and mentally impaired, a social worker, a behavior specialist, and a consultant for hearing or visually impaired.

If at any time parents/guardians or school personnel feel that a student is having problems that are interfering or may in the future interfere with the student’s progress in school, the school will assess the problems to determine how to best meet the student’s needs.  Parents/guardians may initiate an assessment by contacting the building principal or classroom teacher. When school personnel wish to initiate an assessment, parents/guardians will be informed that a referral is being made.

Contact Special Services for further information about assessment and eligibility.

Last modified:  June 21, 2023