Early Childhood Education

Northfield Public Schools provides a range of programs to support early childhood education, some of which are administered through the Student Services Department and some of which are coordinated with or by the Community Services Division.  Here is a brief look at what you will find both at Longfellow School and in other district locations.

Early Childhood Programs

Community Services early childhood programs provide a variety of options for children from birth through kindergarten entrance and their parents. Bridges to Kindergarten, Hand in Hand Preschool and Early Childhood Screening all take place at Longfellow School. The district offers more classes and resources for young children and parents through Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE).

Early Childhood Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education is available to children ages birth through six who qualify for special education by meeting specific eligibility criteria, as defined by the MN Department of Education, or if they demonstrate a developmental delay.

Ventures Child Care

Ventures programs include the EarlyVentures child care center, located at Longfellow School; KidVentures before- and after- school care at each of the elementary schools; and fresh summer camp programs every year.

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