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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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Attention :

There will be a traffic flow change at Bridgewater Elementary School beginning Oct. 25, 2021. Click here for more information, including a video overview of the change.

Longfellow School Building

Northfield School District Office And Area Learning Center

The Northfield School District Office and Area Learning Center building houses all district-level departments (except Community Education) and the Area Learning Center, a high school program offered in an alternative format.

Children Playing in Snow at EarlyVentures

Preschool and Childcare

Preschool and early childhood special ed programming is offered to ensure young children have the skills necessary to enter elementary school. The EarlyVentures Learning Center is a childcare center for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Program Details

ALC Classroom

Area Learning Center

The Area Learning Center (ALC) provides a safe and inviting non-traditional education environment for qualifying students under the age of 21. The ALC offers a day program, independent study, teen parenting classes and dual enrollment options.

Area Learning Center