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Bienvenidos a Northfield Public Schools!

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New Greenvale Park artist rendition

Construction Updates

Stay informed and find out how you can get involved.

Planning and Construction Updates

December 15, 2020

Enjoy the most recent Matterport scans of our projects:

» Sibley Elementary
» Greenvale Park Elementary
» Northfield Community Education Center

A Matterport scan is similar to a “street view” map that allows you to navigate through our new and renovated school spaces.

» View the Sibley Elementary Construction Camera timelapse

» View the Greenvale Park Elementary Construction Camera timelapse

» View the New Greenvale Elementary Video Walk Through

At each school board meeting, Dr. Matt Hillmann provides a brief “construction update” to highlight activities taking place related to the District’s successful November 2018 bond referendum. You can read the latest installment below. For additional construction information you may contact Josh Cooper, Sr. Project Manager with Knutson Construction #507.206.2522 or

District-Wide AV Virtual Bid Opening Recording
This is a recording of the District Wide AV bid opening, conducted on April 28, 2020, via video due to Minnesota’s shelter-in-place requirements.

Longfellow School Renovation Bid Opening Recording
This is a recording of the Longfellow School bid opening, conducted on March 31, 2020, via video due to Minnesota’s shelter-in-place requirements.

Latest Drone Footage (updated 05/03/2020)
Bridgewater | Greenvale Park | Sibley

Greenvale Park Drone Footage Progress (September 2019-April 2020)
» Click here to see this special compilation of drone footage

School Board Construction Update
December 14, 2020 school board meeting

In The Loop (from Knutson Construction)
August 3, 2020 edition of In the Loop
July 10, 2020 edition of In the Loop
June 5, 2020…

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Project Overview

In November 2018, Northfield-area voters overwhelmingly approved a bond referendum to provide funding to improve and enhance elementary and early childhood buildings in the District to create suitable, secure learning environments where our children can thrive.

Thank you, Northfield, for your partnership in empowering learners to reach their full potential.



We’re constructing a new elementary school and creating spaces that better support learners. Renovations at Sibley and Bridgewater will serve our growing student body and provide learning spaces where they can thrive.

early childhood

Early Childhood

With the construction of a new elementary school, we’ll re-purpose the current Greenvale Park Elementary School to create an early childhood center that will increase the availability of early childhood and preschool programs.



We’re implementing common sense security measures across the District that offer safe, welcoming environments for all of our learners.


Below are general timelines for the work approved by voters in November 2018. More detailed information about the construction of Northfield’s new Greenvale Park Elementary and building improvement projects can be found in the “Construction Updates” news feed above.


Please direct questions to Superintendent Matt Hillmann by emailing or calling 507.663.0629.