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High School 9-12

The assistant principal or principal may involve the Northfield Police Department, a school resource officer, or other appropriate law enforcement agency when a public law has been violated at school. The police may be alerted to theft, vandalism, drug distribution, or assault. Any altercation involving injury to a person will also be reported. Prosecution by criminal complaint does not preclude disciplinary action by the school district. In addition, the student’s parent/guardian may be held liable for damages relating to vandalism or injury as permitted by statute. 

Generally, law enforcement will not be present during an administrator’s interview of a student.  If a student violates a district policy that also violates a law, the student may be referred to the police. A district administrator may be present during a search and related questioning by law enforcement. 

Law enforcement officers may interview students on campus about issues outside of the school’s jurisdiction only when parents/guardians have granted permission. The interview will take place in a closed room away from the view of students and adults. An administrator may be in attendance. 

Where a local welfare agency or law enforcement agency asks to conduct an interview on school property in connection with an investigation into alleged child abuse, the district will allow the interview as described in Board of Education Policy 519.

Last modified:  June 20, 2023