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TransTech Initiative: Year 1 data via NHS stats class

The Northfield High School statistics class, under the direction of mathematics teacher Ray Coudret, conducted a study of the 6th-12th grade 1:1 iPad component of the Transformational Technology initiative.

The information in this presentation was compiled by the 55 Junior and Senior students in Probability and Statistics classes at Northfield High School.  The survey questions were generated by the students to measure perceived benefits, and challenges of the initiative, as well as the District goal of “substitution” as described in the SAMR model of technology adoption. The presentation is comprised of the best work available from a series of small group presentations.

You can view a larger version of the slides used in the presentation by clicking here.

School Board approves Transformational Technology proposal 6-1

The Northfield School Board voted 6-1 last night to approve the Transformational Technology proposal.

 Karleen Sherman and Paula BaragaryMatt Hillmann Rob Hardy

Left: Sibley Special Education teacher Karleen Sherman and Sibley Grade 5 teacher Paula Baragary spoke in favor of the proposal at open mic.

Center: HR and Technology Director Matt Hillmann reviewed the proposal for the Board and summarized the online engagement activities and stats that I blogged about yesterday.

Right: Board member Rob Hardy raised concerns about the proposal, expressing his preference for a scaled back pilot project approach (which he has blogged about here,) and wondering if a BYOD (bring your own device) approach might be more cost-effective and sustainable (he blogged about this here and here.)

Update noon: Here’s the video of last night’s Board meeting. The Technology Transformation discussion begins at the 18:20 mark.

Online engagement stats and transcripts for the Northfield School Board

I’ve sent these PDF’s of the online engagement stats and transcripts to the District office to be considered for inclusion in the School Board members’ packets for tonight’s meeting. (‘TransTech’ is my shorthand for Transformational Technology.)

School Board to consider Transformational Technology proposal at Feb. 11 meeting: another opportunity for public comments

School Board mtg agenda Feb. 11, 2013At Monday night’s School Board meeting (agenda here), the Board will discuss the Transformational Technology proposal and may vote on it.

If you’d like to comment on the proposal, be sure to be there at the start of the meeting, as public comments are first on the agenda.  The guidelines:

This is an opportunity for members of the school district to address the Board. You are requested to do so from the podium. After being recognized by the chair, each individual will identify himself/herself and the group represented, if any. He/She will then state the reason for addressing the Board. To insure that all individuals have a chance to speak, speakers will be limited to one three-minute presentation. Please know that this is not a time to debate an issue, but for you to make your comments.

Supt. Chris Richardson has asked me to prepare a document for the Board that summarizes the online engagement activities and includes all the comments and straw poll results.  I’ll be working on it today and will post it here when it’s done.

Hillmann presents Transformation Technology proposal to the Northfield School Board

Matt Hillmann presenting to Northfield School Board Matt Hillmann, Director of Human Resources and Technology Matt Hillmann presenting to Northfield School Board

Transformational Technology Proposal, Jan. 21, 2013I attended last night’s Northfield School Board meeting at which Matt Hillmann, Director of Human Resources and Technology, presented the most recent draft of the Transformation Technology Proposal.

We’ll have a video clip of Matt’s presentation posted here on the blog in a day or two. The 90-minute video is now posted below.

See this PDF of the 6-page PDF of the Transformational Technology Proposal, dated Jan. 21, 2013.

Also see Northfield News reporter Ashley Klemer’s (@AshleyKlemer) article titled Transformational Technology proposal presented to Northfield Board of Education.

Hillmann presented the final recommendations from the technology task forces for the Transformational Technology Project to the board on Monday night saying that the shift to include iPads in classroom instruction is one of the biggest pedagogical shifts in 100 years.