iPad Collection Information 2014

Students will be turning in their school iPads this week (June 2nd).

It will be helpful if all students update their iPads to iOS 7.1.1 prior to submission.

Northfield Middle School

Students at Northfield Middle School will turn in their iPad and their iPad charger during the times listed below:

  • Grade 6: Monday, June 2nd
  • Grade 7: Tuesday, June 3rd
  • Grade 8: Wednesday, June 4th

Students will get the same device and charger back in the Fall. The distribution for Fall is being finalized and will be announced in June.

Northfield High School

Students will hand in their iPad at the end of their 7th period final examination on Friday, June 6th. Students who do not have a 7th period final exam will turn their iPads in at the end of the 6th hour final exam on Thursday, June 5th. In the unusual circumstance that a student does not have a final examination during either 6th or 7th period, he or she can contact the High School office for further instruction.
Students in 9th-11th Grade will turn in their iPad (and case) only. 9th-11th grade students will need to store their charger and charging cord at home for Fall use.
As part of the collection process, students will need to remove their passcodes, Apple ID (if they’ve used one), and erase the device. This will all be taken care of in the classroom as part of the collection process.
 2014-15 iPad distribution schedules for the 2014-15 school year will be released in mid-June.
Please contact Director of Administrative Services Matt Hillmann at (507) 645-3458 or by email at matt.hillmann@nfld.k12.mn.us with questions about iPad collection.