The past two weeks have been spent reviewing and reflecting upon the feedback we received from the numerous presentations and focus groups conducted throughout the District. We are working on finalizing our proposal to the School Board, which will be presented on May 29. The meeting begins at 7 pm and will be held in the Northfield High School Media Center.

The keys to the proposal will include:

  • Timeline for proposed implementation
  • The type of device being recommended
  • The implementation task forces needed to ensure a successful start
  • Focus on the types and frequency of professional development needed to ensure a successful start
  • Policies/practices that will need to be updated/put in place to support the initiative
  • The cost – not just for next year, but for the next several years in order to ensure sustainability
I will post the proposal here once it is finalized and presented to the School Board. We are not going to ask the Board to take any action on May 29 – this is an informational presentation. We would hope the Board would consider adopting the plan at their June 11 meeting.