Schoology Information

What is Schoology?

schoologySchoology is an online learning management system that Northfield Public Schools is using to organize and share course and other school information digitally. Students and parents have access to documents, assignments, and updates from teachers, advisors, and administrators. Schoology also allows teachers and students to communicate easily with updates, class discussions, messages, and assignment submissions.

What does my parent account do?

Parent accounts are linked to student accounts, allowing parents/guardians to see all information posted by school staff who are working with your students. Furthermore, you can see assignment submissions, download copies of classroom materials, and access grades for anything that is graded in Schoology. Please note, Skyward continues to be our official grading and report card information system. However, some assessments are automatically graded in Schoology, and you will likely be able to see greater assignment detail in Schoology.

How do I access Schoology?

You can create an account and/or log in at

Access Schoology

How do I use Schoology?

Schoology provides many resources for learning how to use the many features available. Visit to find step-by-step information for creating an account, adding students, managing notifications, and basic account setup.

Additionally, the links below have simple videos for account setup and an overview of parent account information.

 Schoology Parent Account Setup  Schoology Parent Account Overview

For additional information regarding Schoology, please contact your school office.

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