Medication in School


Some students need to take medicine during the school day. Please complete the Medication Permission form, which must accompany any medicine. (See Health Forms) Prescription medication must be in a prescription bottle from the pharmacy with the student’s name on it. Adults should bring the medication to the nurse’s office.

The school does not supply over-the-counter medication (such as non-aspirin pain relievers, cough syrup, etc.). These medicines must also be accompanied by a permission form signed by a parent/guardian for use during the school day. Aspirin will not be given unless we have a physician’s permission because of possible complications of Reye’s Syndrome. Cough syrup is recommended rather than cough drops.

If your student is on routine daily medication at home but does not need to take a dose at school, please let the school know the medication and the dosage so we are aware of the possible side effects to watch for while your student is in school.

Parents, make sure the student’s coach has been notified of inhaler use and other health issues that could be affected by physical activity.


Medication to be administered at school is to be kept in the Nurse’s Office. Exceptions are students who may carry an asthma inhaler, if they have written parental permission to do so and have demonstrated to the school nurse competency in administration. (See Health Forms) Other special requests may be discussed with the building nurse.

Nebulizer Treatments

Nebulizers are available in each building. Special arrangements may be made with your building nurse.

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