District Safety Committee

Each employee of Northfield Public Schools is encouraged to help promote safety and health and to help spot and correct hazards and unsafe practices. The Safety Committee will follow up on employee concerns and investigate possible solutions to safety issues.

Mission Statement

The mission of Northfield Public School Districts Safety Committee is to develop, promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment throughout, to identify issues and find solutions of safety concerns and promote a safe and secure environment for all staff, students and community.

Committee Purpose

  • To establish a system to obtain safety related suggestions, reports of hazards and other information from all persons involved in the operations of their workplace.
  • To review accident trends, investigate causes and recommend preventative measures when appropriate.
  • To assist and advise management and employees on matters of safety and health pertaining to school operations.

Committee Members

The committee includes the head custodian of each building, the director of Building & Grounds, and at least five other members, ideally representing each building and collective bargaining unit. Members will serve two-year terms. Members include:

Elizabeth Bade, District
Health & Wellness Coordinator

Kim Bauer, Parking Lot Security

Kiwi Bielenberg, Greenvale Park Elementary
Phy Ed/DAPE Teacher

Tracy Closson, District
Grounds Coordinator

David Craft, Greenvale Park Elementary

Cecelia Green, Greenvale Park Elementary
Child Nutrition Manager

Dan Hampsey, Bridgewater Elementary School
Head Custodian

Laurie Larsen, Longfellow School
Physical Therapist

Jim Kulseth, District
Director of Buildings and Grounds

Ron Oeltjenbruns, Middle School
Head Custodian

Stephanie DeAdder, Administrative Assistant
Buildings and Grounds

Kim Slegers, High School
Health Teacher

Daniel Warner, Sibley Elementary
Head Custodian

Jennifer Valek, Bridgewater Elementary
Principal Secretary

Dan Taylor, High School Teacher
Chemical Hygiene Officer

Ben Olsen, IEA Consultant

Meeting Minutes


1. Employees with health and safety concerns, please submit a request via our School Dude link on our website. Non Employees with health and safety concerns, please contact a Health and Safety Committee member.

2. All concerns should be made in writing to any member of the Safety Committee. The Safety Committee member will seek to have the concern addressed at the building level or refer the concern to be reviewed by the Safety Committee if it cannot be resolved at the building level.

3. The chairperson of the Safety Committee and the Director of Buildings & Grounds shall schedule meetings of the committee when concerns are referred.

4. The committee will review and make recommendations regarding the concern, or refer it to the appropriate department in a timely manner.

Some examples of issues and projects reviewed by the Safety Committee:

  • Fence with gates installed on the playground at Longfellow School, chain across playground entrance to keep out traffic.
  • Bus lines at the Middle School and Bridgewater Elementary.
  • Added drop-off lane at the Middle School Entrance road.
  • Moved basketball poles to new playground at Bridgewater Elementary.
  • Crosswalks painted in at the High School, Middle School and Greenvale Park Elementary.
  • Parking lot lights installed at Sibley Elementary and Longfellow School.
  • High School Bleachers have or are being updated to comply with new codes.
  • Parent drop-off area at Greenvale Park Elementary School.
  • Gate used at the High School for traffic control.

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