Northfield Public Schools utilizes a one-hour late start each Wednesday for all schools throughout the school year. This is part of an effort to facilitate Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for teaching staff.

On Wednesdays, parents or daycare providers who normally drop off students at the beginning of the school day will be able to drop off students one hour later. Students who ride the bus will arrive shortly before school is open on Wednesdays. Parents or daycare providers who must drop off students at the regular time may register for the KidVentures one-hour PLC session (see below).

KidVentures (a program of the district’s Community Services Division) will provide programming during the one-hour late start time on Wednesdays, for families who register and send payment ahead of time. A form is available on the Ventures Childcare page to register only for the one-hour option. Forms are sent home each month to register for the subsequent month’s Wednesdays.

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