Summer Wellness Schedule

Summer vacation is a time for relaxation, fun, work, and learning for our students. Director of Technology Services and Director of Child Nutrition Stephany Stromme collaborated to create Northfield Public Schools “Summer Wellness Challenge”. Here is what Mrs. Briske posted to the Middle and High School School pages yesterday – it was similar to a message she sent to families via Skylert announcing the challenge:

“We’ve got a fun challenge for the next 6 weeks of summer. Join the Summer Wellness Challenge using the 
course code 3WT27-RDJVQ. Each week, there are four challenges in the themes of nutrition, physical activity, community connectedness, and healthy habits. For each activity you complete, you’ll be entered into a prize drawing. The challenge officially starts on Monday, but you can join now and start on the first four activities. Have fun and enjoy the rest of summer!”

So far the group has 54 members and some students have already started the activities! Middle and High School students kept their school-issued iPads this summer, making connecting with them for an activity like this possible. In the past, many High School students needed to keep their school-issued iPad over the summer to interact with courses such as our summer Physical Education class, Driver’s Education, and some Advanced Placement classes. The Summer Wellness Challenge is a way to engage even more students in a productive summer learning experience. It is an optional experience – one that I hope many students will engage in this summer!

Learning is ongoing and can be independent of time and place. Keeping students connected and providing learning opportunities can help reduce the ‘summer slide’ most students experience each June, July, and August. This is a good example of making ‘learning the constant and time the variable.’ If you have any questions about the Summer Wellness Challenge, contact Mrs. Briske or Mrs. Stromme.