Good Afternoon,
Much of our community is still cleaning up damage from last night’s severe weather in and around Northfield. We know many families and staff members have been impacted dramatically. While there is horrific property damage throughout the District, we are grateful to understand there are no reported injuries. We all know it could have been far worse.
I am grateful to the parents, staff, students, and community members who followed our severe weather protocols last evening. We had events taking place at Northfield High School, Northfield Middle School, Bridgewater Elementary, and Greenvale Park Elementary when the storm hit. People there followed the procedures efficiently and calmly. Thank you!
I am grateful that our school facilities are largely unharmed. There were dozens of trees down at district buildings. At least 13 trees were blown down at Sibley Elementary alone. Our Buildings and Grounds crew has been working since early this morning to clear the debris. We are also grateful to the City of Northfield and county crews, law enforcement, and other First Responders who helped mitigate the storm’s damage.
While the National Weather Service has yet to confirm that the storm impacting Northfield was officially a tornado, the frightening experience and damage that is left behind can impact children in different ways. I have included links below to a fact sheet from the National Association of School Psychologists regarding natural disasters. Please review it and know our staff will be ready to help students who need assistance on Monday.
I have been hearing stories all day of neighbors helping neighbors and people just doing good things for one another. I am grateful for our commitment to each other as a community.
Matt Hillmann, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools