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Attention :

COVID-19 testing is available for students and staff at the Northfield School District Office.
» Click here to sign up for a Cue rapid molecular test appointment

You can also request a COVID-19 rapid antigen test for your student from your school’s office.

Northfield Public Schools Reported COVID-19 Cases

Below is the most recent information about positive COVID-19 test results detected in our school communities.

For more information see our COVID-19 Updates Page. Other important information is located on Rice County’s Current Situation Update.

COVID-19 Cases Dashboard

Current cases

School Current Cases Total Cumulative Cases Last Updated
Bridgewater Elementary
Staff/Students: 641
44 123 01/20/2022 ⬆️
Greenvale Park Elementary
Staff/Students: 562
31 89 01/20/2022 ⬆️
Spring Creek Elementary
Staff/Students: 542
41 103 01/20/2022 ⬆️
Northfield Middle School
Staff/Students: 1,011
61 154 01/20/2022 ⬆️
Northfield High School
Staff/Students: 1,419
95 226 01/20/2022 ⬆️
Area Learning Center
Staff/Students: 76
< 5 21 01/17/2022 ⬇️
Northfield Community Education Center
Staff/Students: 414
19 58 01/20/2022 ⬆️
District Offices/Departments
Staff/Students: 31
< 5 7 01/17/2022 ⬆️
2021-22 District Totals 299 781 01/20/2022

Current Cases: The number of positive COVID-19 cases that have been reported to Northfield Public Schools for staff or students in a specific building within the last 14 days.

Total Cumulative Cases: The number of positive COVID-19 cases that have been reported to Northfield Public Schools for staff or students in a specific building since the beginning of the 2021-22 school year (Tracking began Aug. 31)

Last Updated: The last time the District made an update to the record. Updates can include adding a case or removing a case when it no longer is part of the 14-day count. An upward-pointing arrow (⬆️) indicates the last update added a positive case. A downward-pointing arrow (⬇️) indicates the last update removed a case from the current cases column because it is no longer within the 14-day window.

Data by school is reported as follows:

  • “0” if there are no cases at a building
  • “< 5” if there are 1-4 cases at a building
  • The actual number of cases will be used if the number of cases is five or greater.

Staff members shared between multiple schools will be included in the school building where they spend the majority of their workday.

weekly influenza-like illness and quarantine rates

School Weekly Average
Student Influenza-Like Illness Rate
Weekly Average
Student Quarantine Rate
Last Updated
reporting period
Jan. 10-14, 2022
Bridgewater Elementary 4.07% 8.33% 01/15/2022
Greenvale Park Elementary 4.44% 5.32% 01/14/2022
Spring Creek Elementary 10.62% 9.33% 01/14/2022
Northfield Middle School 6.00% 3.25% 01/14/2022
Northfield High School 5.81% 0.89% 01/14/2022
Northfield Community Education Center 5.64% 18.64% 01/14/2022
Area Learning Center 0.55% 0% 01/14/2022

The influenza-like illness rate denotes the percentage of students absent due to symptoms consistent with influenza-like illnesses, including COVID-19. This rate includes positive student COVID-19 cases. The student quarantine rate column indicates the percentage of students absent due to the need to be quarantined because they were a close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. The last updated column indicates the last time the District made an update to the record. Influenza-like illness rates and student quarantine rates are usually updated on Fridays and calculated as a weekly average for that week.

Please note

Our goal is to share as much information as we are able with those who need to know, while also protecting the privacy of those who have contracted the novel coronavirus. While it is natural to want to know more, we must refrain from speculation and spreading rumors.