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Student safety is a priority in our schools. We have a consistent system to respond in situations involving threats and we take every threat seriously. All threats of violence are immediately and thoroughly investigated to determine whether a threat is credible and has the capacity to be carried out. The investigation involves many aspects, which can include:

  • Interviewing the student(s) involved.
  • Interviewing staff.
  • Searching persons, backpacks, vehicles or lockers.
  • Reviewing video footage, if available.
  • Home visits by law enforcement.
  • Discussions with family members about the threat and access to weapons outside of school.
  • Other investigative steps may be included based on the circumstances of the situation, including contacting law enforcement if needed.

The basic principle of Behavioral Threat Assessment is an on-going examination of the “Totality of Circumstances,” or trying to investigate a threat from all sides to determine the likelihood it will actually happen. The district practices a tiered threat assessment system similar to the Salem-Kaiser Method, which is best practice.

All factors examined are consistent with studies done by the US Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security, who are the experts on the subject of Acts of Targeted Violence. Both Northfield Police and Northfield School District staff have attended trainings by both of those organizations specifically on the topics of school safety and threat assessment.

If you become aware of a threat contact the building principal and/or the Northfield Police Department.

Last modified:  May 13, 2024