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Middle School 6-8

Detention is an after-school service or study hall time assigned to students as a consequence. Detention may be assigned by teachers or administration and may be held in the teachers’ classroom or student office. Office detentions are from 3:00-3:45, Monday through Thursday, or during lunch periods, Monday through Friday.

One of the following could happen if a student fails to complete a detention:

  1. The detention time can double.
  2. A full day of in-school detention can be assigned.
  3. Loss of privileges (i.e. lunch seating, non-academic activities, etc.)

High School 9-12

Detention will be held during Flex hour. Students receive a reminder during period four on the day they have detention.

Detention Rules

  1. Students must arrive on time.
  2. Students must have something to study or read.
  3. No talking, sleeping, or cell phone use.
  4. Students must remain in the room throughout the assigned time.

Last modified:  June 20, 2023