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All Students K-12

Teaching involves constant evaluations of students so that learning activities may be appropriate to their needs, interests, and abilities. Evaluation provides the basis of determining student readiness for certain learning experiences and the growth resulting from previous learning experiences. The two procedures most frequently used in evaluation are behavioral observations and testing.

The district’s teachers constantly carry on the process of checking learning through direct observation. Many insights are gained by observing each student’s vocabulary, ability to express thoughts and ideas, interests, ability to think quantitatively, physical development, motor skills, values, social skills, and emotional qualities. These characteristics are essential to planning successful learning experiences.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests are also given in grades 3, 4 and 5. You may contact Director of Instructional Services Hope Langston at with any questions.

Parent/Guardian Participation Guide and Refusal Information

Last modified:  July 18, 2023