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Dear Northfield School District Families:

I am writing to inform you of graffiti discovered at Northfield High School (NHS).

Here is what we know:

  • The graffiti was written in ink on a wall in a less-traveled vestibule location at NHS between the gymnasium and the weight room.
  • The graffiti read “I’m shooting up the school and middle school.” The graffiti did not include any specific plan, date, or time. It was promptly removed.
  • The School Resource Officer was immediately involved and investigated. The police department has determined there is no credible threat to the school. 

We wanted you to know about this situation. I want to reiterate that the Northfield Police Department has determined it was not a credible threat.

If you have any information about who may have written this graffiti, please contact SRO Officer Gabriel Crombie at gcrombie@northfieldschools.org.

We are committed to providing a safe school environment every day. It is a top priority of the Northfield School District and the Northfield Police Department. This situation, while not a credible threat, reminds us that if you see something, say something.


Matt Hillmann, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools