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Dear Northfield Public Schools Families:

Thank you for your patience as we responded to a fire alarm that prompted an evacuation at Northfield Middle School during the student arrival time frame today.

The Facts 

  • The fire alarm was activated at approximately 7:37 am.
  • Students and staff who were in the building were immediately evacuated. All people were evacuated from the middle school by approximately 7:43 am.
  • The Northfield Fire Department and Northfield Police Department responded promptly.
  • Staff helped direct students and families arriving at the school to safe locations on campus while the fire department investigated the incident.
  • The Northfield Fire Department gave the “all clear” to return at approximately 8:03 am. Students went directly to their first hour class.
  • One person slipped on a patch of ice and required medical attention.
  • Assistant Principal Michael O’Keefe and Northfield Fire Chief Tom Nelson directly addressed students upon their return to first hour to assure them of their safety and to praise their cooperation during the event.

What Happened

  • Some roofing material came loose close to the boiler stack. The proximity caused smoke but did not cause a fire. The entire situation was contained in the boiler room.
  • Firefighters checked the boiler room and the roof to verify there were no additional issues.

Thank you

This event happened at one of the most challenging time periods of the day — student arrival. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping manage this event as effectively and efficiently as possible. We are proud of the response and the cooperation between our students, staff, families, the Northfield Police Department, and the Northfield Fire Department.



Matt Hillmann, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools