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Dear Northfield Public Schools Families,

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your cooperation and partnership are valued as we move toward the finish line of this unusual school year. Today’s update includes a reminder that we are required to follow the Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE) Safe Learning Plan through the end of the 2020-21 school year, information about vaccination opportunities, the formal designation of the Northfield School District’s Portage program as a state-approved online learning provider in Minnesota, and information about the completion of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) examinations.

Safe Learning Plan remains in effect

As previously indicated in 2020-21 Update No. 40, MDE has sent a clear directive: the Safe Learning Plan will remain in effect until the end of this school year for all Minnesota public schools. We received this communication from MDE:

“Through the end of the 2020-21 school year (last teacher contract day), masks must continue to be worn by everyone inside school buildings or on a school bus.”

See Update No. 40 for additional details.

Vaccination Opportunities

As mentioned in several previous update messages, vaccination is the best tool we have available to defeat COVID-19. Vaccination is a personal choice. The district respects individual family decisions about whether or not to get vaccinated. The district intends to help connect those families who want vaccination with opportunities in our area. We have created this resource to help parents connect with vaccination opportunities:

» See the vaccination opportunity guide

Portage becomes a state-approved online learning program

Our district received formal notification from MDE that our Portage program is now a state-approved online learning provider. This approval will allow the district to continue offering this option for families and those from other communities beginning this fall. In the coming weeks, you can learn more about the modifications we are making to the program to serve students who want an all-the-time-online learning experience.

MCA testing complete

The 2021 MCA testing window officially ended today. Preliminary scores are available upon parent request and student reports will be issued by the MDE in late August. This year brought unique challenges to our MCA testing process and our participation rate was lower than normal due to COVID-19 quarantines and related absences. The individual student reports will contain specific codes for students who were not able to start or finish their tests this year.

Please email Hope Langston, Director of Instructional Services (hlangston@northfieldschools.org) with any questions.

Thank You

Once again, thank you for your continued support and understanding this school year. We are truly grateful for our partnership.



Matt Hillmann, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools