The student-operated Northfield Middle School bookstore, The Tattered Pages, is looking for donations of books and gifts for its seventh annual Mother’s Day Sale, May 3 − 6. If donors cannot bring their books or gift items to the Middle School Media Center, they may call 507.663.0677 to arrange for pick up.

Popular book topics for the sale include cooking, gardening, crafts and art. Other gift items welcomed by the store include stationary, journals, candles, mugs, statuary, picture frames, plants, plaques, jewelry, vases and table linens.

Donations of gift wrapping materials are also needed. Picture frames will be re-purposed for the sale, to display special inspirational messages.

The Tattered Pages accepts coupons from student customers, rather than real currency, for purchases of books and other used items. Students earn coupons by donating books; working in the bookstore; doing an exceptional job in the classroom, cafeteria or on the school bus; or by completing a task from a teacher’s job jar.