Our school community recently took part in an online learning process using ThoughtExchange. The thoughts and priorities have been reviewed and we now want to share the results with you. Visit our results page to learn about the top priorities in our schools and the District.

From the 1,097 stakeholders who contributed to this conversation, we learned about our strengths and the areas that we can improve. We are using this information to help improve our students’ learning experiences in our District.

As you read through the results, you will see that many thoughts were submitted around the theme of facilities and infrastructure. In a week, we will be launching a second ThoughtExchange to better understand your perspectives on this matter.

For each step in the upcoming ThoughtExchange process, you will receive a customized invitation. If you don’t receive an invitation by the end of next week, please visit our ThoughtExchange home page at: northfieldschools.thoughtexchange.com/invitation to register and share your thoughts.

Thank you for contributing to the success of our schools and District. Your participation in the process is invaluable.

With questions about ThoughtExchange, please contact Director of Administrative Services Dr. Matt Hillmann at mhillmann@northfieldschools.org.