The Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) has named Superintendent Chris Richardson the recipient of the MASA Polaris Leadership Award. Dr. Richardson was honored for his exemplary school leadership and a lifetime of balanced achievement inside and outside of education at a statewide recognition ceremony held at the 2015 MASA Fall Conference, September 27-29, in Duluth.

With this award, Dr. Richardson is recognized for qualities such as professional courage, creation of a legacy of excellent leadership, fostering innovation, contribution through example and mentoring, exemplary conduct reflecting integrity and bearing emulation, and significant tenure in each position to support district vision and affect positive change.

In a letter of support for Dr. Richardson’s nomination, Northfield School Board member Noel Stratmoen wrote, “Dr. Richardson is an educational leader with many great strengths, including vision, hard work, thoroughness, frugality, and common sense. He is a beacon of light for education at the state level.”

Dr. Richardson has over 38 years of education administration experience, ranging from principal to curriculum director to superintendent. He has been leading Northfield Public Schools since 2004. In 2012, Dr. Richardson was named the Minnesota Superintendent of the Year.