Last night KARE 11 featured a story about the district’s new history textbook, written by Northfield Middle School SCOPE students specifically for third graders. The recently released book, “Our Story: A Guide to the History of Northfield, Minnesota,” is currently in use at the district’s elementary schools and media centers.

Coordinated by social studies teacher Earl Weinmann, SCOPE (Student Community Outreach Program Experience) allows district eighth graders to collaborate with Carleton College students to discover local history, engage in research and writing and share their knowledge with others.

Weinmann and student representatives of the program presented the latest SCOPE project to the school board on Sept. 23.

Past accomplishments include the Northfield Education History Museum, on display at the middle school, and “Caught in the Storm – A field guide to the James & Younger Gang escape trail.” Both books are available for purchase through the Northfield Historical Society.