Beginning Feb. 18, Northfield Public Schools will begin locking or securing the main entrance to school buildings from the start until the end of the regular school day.

In recent months, the district has reviewed and tightened policies and procedures concerning locking doors and admitting visitors to school buildings. For most of the last decade, the district has been locking all outside doors, except for the main building entrances, during school hours.

After the changes are implemented, students will continue to be able to enter the unlocked main entrance before school begins each day and exit the building at any time through any appropriate door.

During the school day, students, parents and other visitors must continue to enter each building through the main entrance. A district employee will be stationed at a table near the front entrance, and when anyone approaches the building, the greeter will assist him or her in conducting business at the school. Due to recent security upgrades at Sibley Elementary School, this building will not have a greeter.

Prior to Feb. 18, parents and caregivers will receive a Northfield Public Schools Skylert message detailing the security measures being put in place in their child’s building. District administrators and staff appreciate the understanding and patience of visitors during the implementation of these efforts.

Please call 507.663.0629 with questions.