The 29th Annual District Spelling Bee was held on Jan. 24, with the top 18 spellers in the middle school competing for advancement.

Three students will move on to the Regional Spelling Bee in February:
Champion speller Hannah Pahs, grade 7; second place winner Jackson Hillmann, grade 8; and third place winner Anna Weber, grade 6.

Competitors in the 2013 district spelling bee:

Sixth Grade
Logan Ledman, son of Todd and Gina Ledman
Anna Weber, daughter of Christopher and Deanne Weber
Jonathan Wiese, son of Jim and Diane Wiese
Sam Reid, son of Stuart and Melanie Reid
Julia Radtke, daughter of Marianne and Steve Radtke

Seventh Grade
Nico Kidd, son of Adriana Estill and Michael Kidd
Joseph Pesta, son of Jeff and Sherri Pesta
Elija Leer, son of Joel and Elizabeth Leer
Tate Marroquin Mechura, son of Rustianna and Troy Mechura
Hannah Pahs, daughter of Karin and Steven Pahs
David Henry Lundstrom, son of Elizabeth and David Lundsrom

Eighth Grade
Ruth Nelson, daughter of Thomas and Marilyn Nelson
Sydney Chester, daughter of Elizabeth and Corey Chester
Brynn Artley, daughter of Andy and Ann Artley
Alex Gunn, son of Jeff and Kirsten Gunn
Ally Weise, daughter of Tom and Laura Weise
Jackson Hillmann, son of Matt and Mary Hillmann