Northfield Middle School Principal Jeff Pesta sent the following message to middle school families on Dec. 21 via the district’s Skylert messaging system:

The purpose of this message is to inform parents and guardians that the middle school campus will be in a secure mode for the remainder of the school day. School operations are business as usual with the exception of a secure main entrance.  We have a staff greeter positioned there to screen guests before they enter the school today. This action is being taken for “peace of mind” due to information shared by a staff member about an adult family member who does not live in this area. This situation does not involve any other students or staff members. Our staff is working directly with law enforcement agencies to reduce any further reason for concern. This week, schools across the country have had an increased sense of security to reassure students, staff and families. We believe that this measure makes good sense to insure that everyone at the middle school is able to focus on a great final day prior to the break.

I wish your family the very best over the holiday season and into the new year!

Jeff Pesta, Principal