To help families of upcoming kindergarteners get ready to start school, Northfield Public Schools and the Early Childhood Initiative Coalition (ECIC) are holding a special event at each of the three elementary schools next week.

Children and their parents, guardians or daycare provider will take a ride on a school bus, try out the playground, tour the school, and read a book with the school librarian (also called a media specialist). Scheduled bus stops will allow everyone to become familiar with bus rides. Children will take home a book and calendar.

Sibley Elementary
Monday, Oct. 22
Bus stops:
9:40 City Hall
9:45 Outdoor Pool
9:50 Everybody’s Park
10 – 11 Sibley
Bridgewater Elementary
Monday, Oct. 22
Bus stops:
10:00 Dundas Mill Park
10:10 Park area between Cub/Target
10:20 Jefferson Square
10:30 Roosevelt Park
10:35 – 11:35 Bridgewater
Greenvale Elementary
Friday, Oct. 26
Bus stops:
12:35 Odd Fellows Park
12:40 Way Park
12:50 Greenvale Apartments
12:55 Dresden Hill Park
1 – 2 Greenvale

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Email Sara Line or call 507.645.1232 for more information.